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Questions regarding neutron stars with exceptionally strong magnetic fields called magnetars.

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Supernova remnant and ejecta "bullet"

I'm making an X-ray analysis of the source SNR N49. It has a magnetar inside of it that is emitting strongly in Soft ([0.2-1.2] keV), Medium ([1.2-2.5] keV), and Hard ([2.5-8.0] keV) bands. I was ...
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How do neutron stars maintain inhomogeneous surfaces and migrating "hot spots"? (e.g. SGR 1830-0645)

News item NASA's NICER Tracks a Magnetar's Hot Spots and's Properties of magnetar SGR 1830−0645 inspected with NICER reference the January 14 2022 arXiv Pulse Peak Migration during the ...
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Is "magnetars don't last long — just a year to a few years" really true? Is it a misquote or perhaps taken out of context?

NASA's Two Sides of the Same Star discusses the relationship between pulsars and magnetars and contains a video also linked below. At 02:13 it quotes "Tom ...
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What would a kHz gravitational wave detector look like? (mountains on millisecond magnetars) How would it differ from LIGO/Virgo?

The abstract of Gravitational waves from mountains in newly born millisecond magnetars says: In this paper we study the spin-evolution and gravitational-wave luminosity of a newly born millisecond ...
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Can a pulsar also be a magnetar?

I know this is a simplistic question, but I cannot find a straight answer... Also, is it possible most or all neutron stars are magnetars and/or pulsars? It's just hard to see all of their properties ...
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What would you call death by magnetar?

The magnetic field of a magnetar is so strong that it would stretch people's atoms apart. This, would obviously, result in death. But how spaghettification refers to death by extreme tides, and for ...
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In practice, can very high magnetic fields significantly alter the dynamics of an astronomical-scale bodies?

The direct effect of magnetic fields on the dynamics (as in the movements, trajectories etc of the bodies themselves, rather than lower-level phenomena like stellar winds and atmospheric degradation) ...
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