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Visualized shapes of areas of total and partial solar eclipse

I'm looking for an animated (showing how the situation changes as time passes) online map of a solar eclipse (can be a past or future one, it's for educational purposes) showing areas on Earth with ...
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Are there interactive maps for comets?

As we know there are interactive maps for lunar and solar eclipses. This is the interactive map of October 14, 2023 annular solar eclipse from timeanddate, and you can zoom in to see the eclipse path ...
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Is there a easy way to read a star map and discover when and where it was seen and recorded?

I'm making puzzles for a game and found out that you can find out what the night sky would have looked like on any particular date, is there any web site or app that can read a star map and tell ...
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How to plot object on the map correctly

I am wondering how is it possible to plot the celestial object on the map I have attached if I only know following data: 16h 41m 41,24s 36° 27′ 35,5″
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How to draw galactic coordinate grid?

For my story, I need a galaxy map with star positions in the galactic coordinate system. 2D with a view of the galaxy from above would be enough. I have gathered data from Atlas of the Universe and ...
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Plotting equatorial grid circles onto stereographic projection

I'm trying to find a set of formulae that allows me to plot equatorial grid circles (latitude and meridian sets) onto a stereographic projection of the night sky. I've already worked out how to ...
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how to plot Gauss-Hermite moment maps from arrays of star velocity values in Python?

I want to calculate Gauss-Hermite moments, such as h1,h2, h3, h4 moments from the values in an array of numbers which represent velocity distribution of stars in a galaxy. How would I fit a curve to ...
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Star map decode to location [closed]

I have a printed star map. I need to break it down to get alt and azimuth. I need to figure out the exact location. I just have no idea how to do it.
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What do "P" and "F" mean in the compass legend of Carrington's sunspot drawing?

In Richard Carrington's drawing of sunspots, he has a compass labeled "N", "P", "S", and "F". If "N" is North and "S" is South, what do &...
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