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Questions regarding the process of stars losing mass through stellar wind, accretion by a companion, or other mechanism.

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Which star has the highest estimated mass-loss rate? [duplicate]

As far as I know, stars like RSGs and LBVs have the highest mass loss rates. There is Eta Carinae (0.00039 solar masses/yr), NML Cygni (0.00042 - 0.00048 solar masses/yr), WOH G64 (0.00072 solar ...
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Degenerate object accretion - what happens after it becomes a PMO?

Degenerate objects such as neutron stars and white dwarfs can be accreted from by other objects. As the degenerate object loses mass, it could pass through different mass ranges which govern the ...
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How much mass is lost in the red giant phase of a star?

The red giant phase of stars are relatively fast. How will this impact a star's total mass? Are there significant mass losses taking place when this happens? If so, do we know how much? The sizes of ...
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Which star has the highest mass loss rate?

We have known lists of stars with high luminosity, temperature, mass, size, and much more. However, I have not seen a list that compares each star's mass loss rates. So, which star (or stars) have the ...
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