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Difference between NSBH and BHNS mergers

What's the difference between Neutron Star-Black Hole Merger (NSBH) and Black Hole-Neutron Star Merger (BHNS)? Are they the same names for the same events or is there any difference between them? I ...
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Metallicity in gravitational wave astronomy

Metallicity relates to the quantity of elements in an object that are heavier than hydrogen and helium. I often see this terminology in recent studies of gravitational waves such as this paper. If I ...
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Time dilation if an asteroid and a small black hole entered a larger black hole?

For an outside observer, everything moves slower the closer it is to a black hole's event horizon, even photons, due to the black hole's time dilation. We also know that when two black holes collide, ...
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How are shockwaves used to study magnetic fields of merging galaxy clusters?

Recently i read an article about how a shockwave 60 times larger than milky way galaxy is generated.When these shockwaves interacts with magnetic field, radio waves are emitted. I wanted to know how ...
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What would be the product between the collision of a white dwarf and a main sequence star?

Would this ever happen? If it would, what kind of star/supernova would this create? Does it depend on the mass of the main sequence star?
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What's the mass distribution of elements created in neutron star mergers?

In charts like this, you'll see that a bunch of the heaviest elements mostly come from neutron star mergers. But what about the mass distribution of just the products of neutron star mergers? That is, ...
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In what year (2014?) the gravitational wave triggered by this merger was possibly generated?

Re: "A transient radio source consistent with a merger-triggered core collapse supernova" Actually the described merger consisted of two ...
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What is the maximum possible peak power during a black hole merger?

The peak power output of the GW150914 black hole merger was 3.6e49 Watts. These black holes were around 30 solar masses each and about 3 solar masses were converted to gravitational waves during the ...
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What is the difference between the terms collision and merger? How are they used differently in Astronomy?

We often hear of mergers of two stellar objects but we also sometimes talk about these or much smaller objects like planets or asteroids colliding. What is the actual differences between Astronomy and ...
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Understanding various conditions where a star and a black hole meet and there is no tidal disruption; what all can we infer from this diagram?

Can an entire star pass through the event horizon of a black hole unharmed? is a one sentence HNQ with an amazing (to me at least) answer: for supermassive black holes larger than roughly 100 million ...
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