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Which telescope(s) did Charles Messier use to catalog his 110 objects?

Charles Messier is known for (among other things) a catalog of "Messier objects". Neither article shows an image of "Messier's telescope", though the latter includes: Since these ...
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Why doesn't somebody update or improve the Messier catalogue?

I'm about moving from beginner to intermediate amateur astronomer and it strikes me that the Messier catalogue is still so widely used given it's well agreed imperfections. There's the logical ...
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In which countries are there organised Messier Marathons?

Just out of curiosity... In which countries have there been or are current, organised Messier Marathons? Thank you for all answers and effort for this!
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How to find out which Messier objects are in the Kepler/K2 fields?

I am interested in figuring out which Messier globular clusters (plus 47 Tuc and Omega Cen) are in the Kepler/K2 fields, both fields that have already been observed and any that will be observed. ...
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Galaxy behind the Ring Nebula

Would anyone be able to reference the galaxy in the background of this image of the Ring Nebula: It's obviously not a Messier object, I'm more confident in it being in the New General Catalogue.
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How do I see Deep Sky Objects in my telescope? [duplicate]

I just bought a new telescope. I tried it out, and I even woke up at 3am when the moon set so there was light pollution. I have an 8 inch dobsonian telescope with a focal length of 1200 mm. For some ...
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What is the galaxy M87 doing these days?

The massive elliptical galaxy M87 in the Virgo cluster is 53,490,000 light years away. It also contains one of the largest, heaviest supermassive black holes in the known Universe. But it's also my ...
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What can be seen with a 4.5" telescope

I just got a 4.5" Newtonian reflector. The skies haven't been clear where I live lately so I've only been able to use it to see the moon and Jupiter (I was also able to see the Galilean moons). A ...
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Who or what will the Arecibo message reach?

The Arecibo Message was aimed at the globular star cluster M13, but as far as I read, M13 will move out of the original position and thus not be able to receive it. So, who or what will be able to ...
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