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Questions regarding the use of a reflective surface, for example in optics.

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Would it be possible to create a telescope from a hanging reflective cloth?

A chain suspended on two points hanging under gravity forms a curve called a Catenary, which can look pretty similar to a parabola. I'm not sure if this generalizes to the two dimensional case where ...
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Is it possible to model a solar thermal concentrator using Zernike polynomials?

This question might seem a bit off-topic, but I guess there are a lot of people here that know about optics, telescopes, etc. I would like to simulate solar thermal systems that focus solar ...
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How has the price of an amateur telescope 8-inch, f/8 finished, aluminized mirror varied over the last fifty years?

During a discussion in The Observatory I was remembering that an 8-inch telescope mirror, polished and aluminized, cost something like \$100 to \$200 US in the mid 1970's. Just now I've seen an add in ...
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