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Are Buckyball-sized black holes possible?

The first item is the basic question; the subsequent items build upon it if it's possible. If these need to be broken into separate questions, I can do that, but they're pretty tightly related. Is a ...
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Why is molecular hydrogen (H2) so difficult for astronomers to detect?

I am reading a great deal about the various forms of hydrogen throughout the universe, and I keep reading that 'molecular hydrogen is notoriously difficult to detect', and other sentiments along those ...
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How do they know the newly-spotted gas near the center of our galaxy is molecular without knowing what gas it is?'s Mystery gas discovered near center of Milky Way links to Teodoro et al 2020 in Nature Cold gas in the Milky Way’s nuclear wind who's abstract is shown below. Question: My reading of the ...
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Air molecules per cubic foot at a certain altitude above the surface

The Earth's and other celestial bodies' atmospheres become thinner the higher you go. Imagine you were able to see atoms/molecules. At what altitude above the Earth's and Mars' surface would you see ...
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Why doesn't Titan have a carbon dioxide atmosphere?

Earth's primitive atmosphere had large amounts of carbon dioxide, as did the ancient Martian atmosphere. Venus's current atmosphere is no exception either. So why does Titan have next to none of this ...
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How significant is the effect of galactic rotation on line broadening of carbon monoxide?

In class the other day, we were discussing observations of rotational transitions of carbon monoxide, namely, the $J=1\to0$ and $J=2\to1$ lines. We originally had assumed that both lines would have ...
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