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What secondary and tertiary conclusions can be drawn from the temperature characteristics of lunar soil sent by ISRO Chandrayaan 3?

ISRO Chandrayaan 3 released the following data today about the temperature characteristics of lunar soil. What secondary and tertiary conclusions can be drawn it? More specifically, what may be the ...
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Best response to shut down the fake Moon landing conspiracy [closed]

This Question was closed for various reasons. For people looking for the answer to similar question, please see this link. I believe this is a solid answer to my question. As the designated Space ...
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What are some dark features on (or qualities to) the moon?

I know there are mare, oceani, and lacunae, but anything else that I'm overlooking from lists of lunar features? Does the "dark"/far side have a particular, maybe Latin scientific name (tho it gets ...
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Why didn't the parachutes on the Apollo 14 Command Module bump into each other? [closed]

It seems like they would need some mechanism to keep them apart, but in this photograph I don't see anything telling, unless it's those small pilot chutes that are keeping them apart?
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Time taken for journey to the moon [closed]

India is going to launch a spacecraft to the moon on 16 July which will consist of a lander, an orbiter and a rover. I found an article in today's newspaper regarding this. If you zoom in a bit, you ...
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Agena docking in First Man [closed]

In the movie, First Man Neil Armstrong and his colleague David Scott, as part of the Gemini 8 program, attempt to dock with the Agena. But it turns out to be disastrous as they go into a continuous ...
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Pekin Chang'e 4 Mission, Shadow?

I'm wondering why there is a shadow under the Yutu 2 rover, of the Chang'e 4 mission, since it is on the far/dark side of the moon. The Chang'e 4 lander, as seen by the Yutu 2 rover. (Image credit: ...
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Puzzling quotes from astronauts about earth size

I have no doubt that we have been to the moon. This question has nothing to do with a moon landing hoax. But, there are two quotes from two different astronauts regarding the size of the earth as ...
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Where are the Moon rocks from Apollo? [closed]

There were so many Apollo Missions, and they landed on the moon (so they say). When astronauts came back to Earth from the moon, they brought Moon rock samples. Where are these moon rocks/samples now, ...
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Why aren't people going to The Moon any more? [duplicate]

In 1969 America landed on the moon, and at that time our technology was not as good as it is now. So my question is, we have much more advanced technology than in 1969, so why are we not utilising ...
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Visibility of human activity on the moon

In this video the host of Test Tube Plus states that you can go out a buy a laser, point it at the moon, and see the retroreflector left by the astronauts. When you point at the right spot you'll ...
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Apollo Moon Landing [duplicate]

Can there be any truth to the rumour that the Apollo Moon landing in 1969 was staged ? I dismissed this rumour as being nonsense but today on the news I was surprised to hear that the head of the ...
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How are parachutes usable in other places than Earth?

Mars landings, Moon landings. . . Wherever I see a documentary or still pictures in Wikipedia, there are parachutes in the landing of rovers. Whenever I see them, I ask myself, "How they can it ...
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Visibility of Apollo 11 module

I wasn't around when man landed on the moon in 1969. When I see the moon, I always wonder, were people able to see the rocket? Yesterday, I looked at the moon in daylight and wondered again. My ...
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