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Relation between inner and outer eccentricities in a hierarchical triple star system

According to Table 3 of Sterzik & Tokovinin (2002), the inner eccentricity of a triple star system (i.e. the eccentricity of the inner binary) is, most of the times (70%), larger than the outer ...
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What happens if supernova undergoes in tightly close multi stars system

I do wonder in a tight or close orbital binary stars or multi stars system, if one stars undergoes supernova and that blast can lead another stars in the system to become supernova, too? Is there ...
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How likely are triple planet systems?

Is it likely to ever discover three planets of similar mass revolving around a common barycenter, or would such a system be too unstable? Such triple planet system would look like a triangle once in a ...
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How do the orbits of star systems V871 Centauri (septuple), Gamma Cassiopeiae (octuple), and QZ Carinae (nonuple) work?

Several years ago, I asked the question on here, "How do the orbits of Nu Scorpii and AR Cassiopeiae work?" At the time, these two stellar systems were the most populated (I don't know the ...
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