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Did liquid helium help the solar system to form by cooling the nebula that collapsed to form it?

Was the gas cloud that collapsed to form the solar system cooled by liquid helium at some point in time? I ask because the Cosmic microwave background had a temperature around 3K when the solar system ...
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When gravitational waves pass through a star or gas cloud do they cause mixing of plasma and gas?

Does the compression and stretching of space stir up molecules and atoms?
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What kind of nebula was the Sun formed from?

I was just wondering what type of nebula did the Sun form from because mainly there are 5 categories: emission nebulae, reflection nebulae, dark nebulae, planetary nebulae, and supernova remnants, so ...
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Why are the Pillars of Creation pillar-shaped?

The Pillars of Creation have a strong directional sense. They are referred to as "pillars" and another question asks how "tall" they are. Naively, it looks as if there is a source ...
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If you could get up close to them, what nebulae would be the most visually impressive to your naked eye?

Pop cult sci-fi movies like to show nebulae as they appear in photographs, but to a live, real-time viewer: these dazzling, snazzy and amazing backdrops to spaceship flying in front of them in real-...
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