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Questions about or making use of statistical techniques from Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning. Use also when the question is about deep learning.

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Do researchers create their own convolutional neural network models for their work or do they use existing ones (e.g. YOLO, detectron2, etc)

When a researcher first decides to use AI to solve a basic classification problem, such as training a neural network to determine the morphology of a galaxy, are they more likely to start by using ...
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In what ways are neural net classifiers "better" than search algorithms for eclipsing star system searches? (1D time series, not images of cats)

Neural net classifiers are both "hot" and useful. TIC 168789840: A Sextuply-Eclipsing Sextuple Star System is quite an interesting read, and describes the use of one trained on a ...
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Deep-CEE I data

I was reading Deep-CEE I: Fishing for Galaxy Clusters with Deep Neural Nets and I couldn't find the dataset. Could someone provide me with the links related to this?
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Photometric redshift [closed]

I have decided to do undergraduate thesis on "estimating photometric redshift" or something related to this using machine learning. Reading previous papers, I have come to know that work has been done ...
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Just how "locked" are resonant-chains of exoplanets thought to be? (e.g. K2-138 and TOI-178)

The news item Discovery of new planet reveals distant solar system to rival our own outlines the recent announcement of results using AI to help search Kepler photometric (transit-method) ...
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