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Neutron Star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER) is an X-ray telescope mounted on the International Space Station and includes the X-ray Timing Instrument (XTI) which has 56 elements that can measure both the energy and arrival time of X-ray photons to very high accuracy. This works together with the ISS' on-board GPS to perform detailed time analysis of pulsars among other things.

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How do neutron stars maintain inhomogeneous surfaces and migrating "hot spots"? (e.g. SGR 1830-0645)

News item NASA's NICER Tracks a Magnetar's Hot Spots and's Properties of magnetar SGR 1830−0645 inspected with NICER reference the January 14 2022 arXiv Pulse Peak Migration during the ...
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What are the curved lines in this X-ray image of the sky?

This image was created using the NICER instrument on the ISS. Source: What are the big curves between the X-ray ...
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