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Questions tagged [night-sky]

Questions regarding the visible night sky during nighttime from Earth.

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What would go into the design of a simple sky quality meter, used to measure night sky brightness?

@MCG's answer mentions several methods to classify night sky quality or brightness, and goes on to say: Additionally, you could always purchase a SQM (Sky quality meter) which is a small, portable ...
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Creating planispheres from the perspective of nearby objects

I'm attempting to create a set of [reasonably] astronomically accurate planispheres from the perspective of observers positioned at the north or south poles of various nearby celestial objects. So ...
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Is there a Free repository of pictures taken everyday of the night sky?

I'd like to know if there's a repository out there of pictures taken everyday of the night sky. Not looking forward to anything fancy. Maybe a group of people out there have set up something out of ...
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Calculation of twilight sky surface brightness based on object's apparent magnitude

I would like to be able to compute the sky surface brightness, which is based on the object's apparent magnitude. We have formulas, which allow us to compute the sky surface brightness based on the ...
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How to get high-quality sky image for specific location & date

I'm working on an ink drawing album cover inspired by this Frank Hurley photo from the First World War, and want to put an accurate starry sky behind it in my album artwork.: The tower in the image ...
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What is the average luminance of the star background?

What is the luminance of the star background, i.e. of all the objects outside of the Solar system? E.g. if we measured average luminance of the sky from the far side of the Moon (so that solar and ...
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Identify moving object in the sky at night?

Last night in the Carribean, I was looking at the sky at about 8PM EST, and I noticed this really tiny object moving pretty fast from left to right, just between the two stars in the photo. It's very ...
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Any night sky image databases

I was wondering if there were any available databases for photos of the night sky. It doesn't have to feature pictures of any particular star, just has to be a large collection of photos from the ...
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i’ve seen an orange, slow blinking object in the sky

it’s new year’s day and people are setting off fireworks and it’s a fairly clear sky tonight, and a weird orange slow blinking light was going eastwards. it wasn’t fast enough to be a plane, and i am ...
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How to find the constellation in which the sun is located using the night sky map?

The following sky map was given as part of practice problems in my Astronomy course The moon is in its first quarter phase. I am supposed to find the approximate date and time of the year in which ...
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Bright out north Idaho

It is Oct 9th 10;30- 11:00 pm. I'm in Northern Idaho and it is as bright as it would be with a full moon (or brighter). The moon is going to be new in a few days and the sliver as it is won't be out ...
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looking for a plugin or API for Moon-phases and sky-map

I want to create a website that contains star maps and moon phases like mapiful and thatverynight but couldn't find any helpful APIs or plugins. Can anyone help? thanks
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How does the Astronomical Twilight depend on the night length or the day length?

Some references say that the Astronomical Twilight starts at the last 1/8th of the night length, so it is long in Winter and short in Summer; But by using the 18 angle (sun elevation below the ...
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