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Questions regarding the visible night sky during nighttime from Earth.

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How much light would be reflected from Jupiter to Europa (in Europas night)?

Suppose Europa is found habitable and humans start living on it. Europa is close to Jupiter and during the night Jupiter would be reflecting light to Europa, just like our full moon reflects light to ...
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What of the following moon-situations would be better?

Okay, so imagine that there is an Earth-like planet, with the following conditions: It's further from it's sun than the Earth is from the Sun (not much, but enough for weather to be a little colder ...
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Is night sky getting brighter day by day?

Night sky is dark because light from distant stars has yet not reached our earth. Light emitted by stars formed after the instant of creation i.e. 13.7 billion light years ago is on the way to reach ...
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What is the specific term for time of the night when there is no moon?

There are times when the sun goes down and it takes a while for the moon to rise, because the moon obviously doesn't rise with the sunset whole year. I guess this happens only when the moon is full. ...
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Star like lights at night [closed]

me and my friends likes to stargaze at night and every time we see this star like light that glides in one direction. they sometimes even cross in the middle then disappear sometime. i observed that ...
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Why can I see the Andromeda Galaxy despite Milky Way's rotation?

Okay ... so, I woke up from a dream last night wherein I was (apparently) attempting to devise a time-keeping system for interstellar travel (similar to the stardate system used in Star Trek). In the ...
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Can someone help me to identify this section of the night sky?

I have this image from a treasure hunt, I'm fairily certain it's a real piece of the sky, but I've been unable to identify it, can anyone help?
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Sky in the very far future / past

Motivated by this question about a stranded submarine in the Jurassic I would like to know: Is there anything remotely left of our current skyline if we go back or forward millions of years so that ...
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Why don't we see "the milky way" in both directions?

We're (basically) in the middle of an arm of our galaxy. That is to say, we're sitting in the middle of a dense disc of stars. It would seem to me that. You should see: the thick line of the milky way ...
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How much clearer are stars in earths orbit?

As a child I remember my parents taking camping in California, and upon stepping out of the car I was awestruck at how thick the Milky Way galaxy was and at the number of stars everywhere. I've always ...
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From our world's perspective, does the full moon look larger in one city than it does in another?

When I was a very little girl, my dad talked about the HUGE full moon he saw while in the navy. He made the comment during a full moon we were having in Western NYS. He said, this (harvest) moon is ...
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In what parts of the world is it impossible to view the night sky due to light pollution?

Growing up far from any city, I have always been able to view the full night sky. It was just the way how things were. Of course, I knew that light pollution is a thing, and that the sky is a lot less ...
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The light of which star is next to reach the earth?

I heard that the sky wouldn't be dark at night if the light of every star had already reached the earth. Of which (currently invisible) star will the light reach the earth next and when will that be? ...
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Why celestial objects appear brighter in the night sky than in photographs from closer proximity?

The moon, for example, appears very bright in the night sky, but quite dark from photographs on/near its surface. Similarly, Mars and Venus appear as bright dots in the sky but in closer photographs ...
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How come the northern and southern lights are the same?

Not an expert, hence the question. To my knowledge the magnetic field of the earth travels south to north. Wouldn't there be a bias on whether the charged particles causing the auroras are negatively ...
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What would the night sky look like if the interstellar medium didn't exist to absorb or block light?

I was curious about how much brighter it would be and how much further we could see.
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Can you see the stars when it is trickling?

I am writing a book with the following scene in one chapter: It is trickling and my protagonists are outside looking into the night sky, looking to the stars. Reviewing the scene I am wondering: Is ...
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Are there any bright non-stellar objects which make up asterisms?

Hopefully the title is very self-explanatory. I was wondering if there were any non-stellar objects, such as bright galaxies, which when looking with the naked eye were mistaken for stars in the time ...
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Perceiving movement of stars

Are there any stars visible to the naked eye whose position, over a normal human lifetime, can be seen to have changed (relative to other stars in the vicinity)?
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What would the night sky have looked like 12.9 billion years ago when galaxies first started to form?

If I stood on a theoretical earth at the time that galaxies were just starting to form, what would the sky have looked like? Due to the smaller size of the universe would it have been densely packed ...
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