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Total scattered flux and polarization for a ring of dust particles close to a star

I have an important problem and maybe some of you can help me with the following question: I have a mathematical expression for the total scattered flux in Jansky and the total linear polarized flux (...
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How do we know or predict which particles were present before Big Bang Nucleosynthesis occurred?

I'm reading Carroll and Ostlie's "An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics". In the BBN section, they describe that the universe contains a mixture of photons, electron-positron pairs, and ...
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Is an alpha particle cosmic ray more easily deflected on its journey than a proton? Or vice versa?

Has everyone heard about the cosmic ray that hit Utah recently with an energy of about 240 EeV? Making it the third-highest-energy of all time? Scientists say it seems to have come from a void, and ...
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What happens when two galaxies each with relativistic jets collide?

Would the relativistic jets create new particles where they meet and would all the gas from the two accretion discs be blown away leaving just two black holes?
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How much does the Higgs field contribute to the energy of empty space?

The Higgs field was not spontaneously broken when the universe was young and hot (like I am not...:)). At the very high temperature that existed back then, the Higgs' energy of the Higgs field was non-...
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Astrophysical particle spectroscopy; narrow-line particle sources (charged or uncharged) for things other than photons? Have any been detected?

Is Cosmic Ray Astronomy a thing? Is there an equivalent of the red shift effect for cosmic rays? have got me thinking and under this answer I've commented: That's a good point; there aren't as many ...
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