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Period estimate [closed]

How would you estimate the period or range of periods for two stars, please? I know the right ascension, declination, and distance. I could estimate the masses and assume that the stars are in ...
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I was finding the period of crab pulsar using efsearch(xronos)

I was finding the period of crab pulsar(one orbit data from ASTROSAT/laxpc) using efsearch (heasarc/xronos). Despite considering period = 33ms, I am not getting sharp peaks at higher Resolution for ...
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How is a comet visible when far from the Sun

The latest news tells of a super large "mega" comet C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli–Bernstein) approaching the Solar System in about 9 years. It must be very far from the Sun, so how do we ...
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