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Had Earth lost the Moon early, would we be able to determine it once had a companion?

Despite the Solar System looking quite stable, clockwork-like on human timescales, to such a degree the movement of its members is used to track time and make calendars since antiquity, it is pretty ...
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How well are planetary formation models (e.g., determining $\mathrm{\dot{M}_{planet}}$) understood in 2024?

I know that planets can form through accretion, bulging up from $0$ to their final mass $\mathrm{M_{planet}}$ at $\mathrm{M}(t_f)$. I know that when studying Planetary formation and migration theories,...
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What simulator would I use to create an image of what our solar system looks like from Alpha Centauri?

The wikipedia article on Alpha Centauri has an image of that system from earth. I'm hoping to make the opposite image. I realize that there are various discussion of roughly what it would look like (e....
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How can Kerr black holes have a 'speed limit' to how fast they can spin?

Obviously, the speed of light is a presumed limit, at least for 'physical' objects moving 'within' ('through'?) spacetime, but... In recent news some scientists believe they have figured out the ...
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Seeking Recommendations for Libraries or Software for Creating 2D/3D Physics Animations

Hello Physics Overflow community, I'm currently delving into the world of physics simulations and am in search of software or libraries that can help me create detailed and aesthetically pleasing 2D ...
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