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Questions about rings of debris that encircle the equatorial regions of some planets.

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Are there any planetary ring system other than "Phoebe ring" not aligned to the equatorial plane?

Continuation of: Is it possible for planetary rings to be perpendicular (or near perpendicular) to the planet's orbit around the host star? The answers discussed about Uranian ring system and how ...
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A couple of questions about Earth's hypothetical planetary rings

From what little I know of this subject, It should be possible for Earth (Or a planet the size of Earth) to keep a system of Planetary Rings. However, looking around the internet only gives me info ...
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Why does our Moon not have rings?

While our Moon is full of craters, one could consider that these events might have been enough to release amounts of fragmented mass into the Moon's orbit sufficient to establish some sort of ring. ...
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How is the extent of the rings of J1407b, a "Super Saturn," compatible with the Roche limit?

J1407 is a Sun-like star in Centaurus. Astronomers observed its exoplanet J1407b pass before it over several weeks and the details of the light curves indicate the exoplanet has over thirty rings, ...
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How does Saturn's ring rain fit with the earlier "big empty" results?

In 2017, the results from Cassini's flight through the region between Saturn and the inner edge of the rings were described as the "Big Empty". Nevertheless in 2018, the region was described ...
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How many moons do we know are shepherds?

Shepherd moons are natural satellites near the edge of a planetary ring that have an influence on the shape and size of the ring due to their gravity. So it is possible for a satellite to be near the ...
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How quickly can a ring system be made?

I've seen elsewhere that if a terrestrial planet had a ring system, it would be very difficult (if not impossible) for life to evolve due to the shadow the rings would cast on the temperate zone in ...
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