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Questions tagged [planetary-transits]

For questions about transits of planets in front of the Sun, as seen from another, more distant planet; for example, the transits of Mercury and Venus which are visible from the Earth.

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Did simultaneous transits of Mercury and Venus actually last occur in 373,173 BC?

According to the Wikipedia article for Transit of Venus, the last time a transit of Mercury and a transit of Venus occurred at the same time was 22 September of 373,173 BC. This is a Featured Article ...
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How to obtain exoplanets transmission spectra from JWST's NIRISS data of WASP96?

I was having a look at JWST's NIRISS data of WASP96 (specifically at the x1dints fits file which should be already calibrated). From this, I would like to obtain a result in a fashion similar to the ...
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Records of Venus transits prior to 1761

Following the publication in 1716 of Edmond Halley's method to determine the solar parallax with the transit of Venus, many expeditions were launched to observe the 1761 transits. The following ...
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How can I calculate current position of planet in sky

How can I calculate current position of planet in sky from earth's point of view. I want to calculate based on given DATETIME and Location For example, if I see current position of planets on "23 ...
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What are the orbital periods Jupiter, Saturn and earth?

What are the highest accuracy (and hence precision) orbital periods of Jupiter, Saturn and earth in units of days. Note have Allen’s Astronomical Quant(Cox1991)/ Wolfram-α / Wikipedia / 3ea. don’t ...
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easy curve modeling package for transits that fits the data not just the parameters?

Does anyone have any recommendations for easy-to-use exoplanet transit light curve model fitting packages like batman, but that fits the data, not just the model parameters? Thank you so much. I need ...
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which fraction of the solar radiation corresponds the blocked part by Venus at its transit upon he sun?

Well, asumming that Venus orbits the Sun at 0.7233 AU and its diameter is 12,104 km, I can conclude that its angular diameter seen from the earth is ~1', then its represents ~1/31 part of the angular ...
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Using lightkurve to identify a planet

I have gotten LightKurve to work and plot a lightcurve to allow for the identification of possible transits. However is there a way I can get it to run and tell me if there is a possible transit in ...
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Calculation of solar energy lack during Venus transit

The task The solar constant in Earth's orbit is $k$ ($k=1.37\text{ kW/m}^2$). Evaluate the solar energy lack due to the transit of Venus through the Sun diameter. Radius and orbit radius of Venus are $...
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