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0 answers

Plotting galactic latitude in Ra vs Dec plane

I have an open cluster with calculated percentage of polarization and position angle. I want to have it's scatter plot in Ra vs Dec plane and superimpose a galactic parallel on it. How to plot the ...
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Total scattered flux and polarization for a ring of dust particles close to a star

I have an important problem and maybe some of you can help me with the following question: I have a mathematical expression for the total scattered flux in Jansky and the total linear polarized flux (...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why does a right-handed circular polarized wave get lagged when going through ionized plasma?

I have a question related to Faraday rotation. In Abigail Polin's Faraday rotation video I have seen that a linearly polarized wave can be decomposed in a left-handed circular wave and a right-handed ...
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Polarization of an emission line

Say I have a flux density spectrum of a galaxy, as well as polarization spectra for the object in U, Q, and P. I want to find the polarization of some emission line in the spectrum. First, I can fit a ...
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13 votes
1 answer

How can maser emission be unpolarized?

I was reading that: However, unlike Galactic sources such as W3(OH), the emission is unpolarized and the 1667 MHz line is stronger than the 1665 MHz line. but how is this possible? Does not the ...
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Is there a spectrum of polarization? Does polarization vary depending on wavelength, from one and the same source?

Is it possible, and does it occur naturally, that the light from the same source is simultaneously polarized differently at different wavelengths? Light can be polarized by interstellar magnetic ...
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