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Are planet-destroying quakes possible or observable?

The Gutenberg-Richter-Law is a very-well studied relationship between the magnitude and total number of (earth)quakes. In theory, there is no upper bound for the size of a quake other than the size of ...
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How many quakes have been detected by InSight?

Insight has been on Mars with its seismometer for almost two years now. Has it detected any mars-quakes yet? How often do these quakes seem to occur? Is there a website where the current number of ...
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How strong are the strongest Ioquakes?

Jupiter's moon Io is the most geologically active celestial body in our system. It has the strongest volcanoes and quakes. Of course in practice these quakes wouldn't be as dangerous as on Earth for ...
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If an earthquake happens on Mars, is it still an earthquake?

Or are seismic phenomenon named differently when they happen on other celestial bodies? If so, what are they called?
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