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If Alpha Centauri A's solar system exactly mirrored our own, what would we be able to detect?

Suppose there was an exact replica of our solar system 4.4 ly away (people included). What would we be able to detect and with what telescope(s)? Which planets? Could we detect radio transmissions and/...
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What are the challenges in finding Earth-like planets via the radial velocity method?

[I have re-asked this, because it was a good question by @Banyan, which was deleted whilst I was composing an answer.] Most exoplanets that are found by the radial velocity ("Doppler wobble")...
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How spectrographs that measure radial velocities manage to translate variations in the stars' spectrum lines into the "speed" of the star?

Like ESPRESSO or CARMENES, for example. I just don't understand the process or the way these spectrographs manage to obtain the velocity of the "wobble" of the star (due to the presence of another ...
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Is it possible that some of the confirmed exoplanets are in fact primordial black holes?

Recently astronomers discovered a black hole lying just 1000 light-years from Earth, in a triple star system (HR 6819) that can be seen with the naked eye. This discovery has increased the possibility ...
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Wavelength and radial velocity

What is the relation between the wavelength and the radial velocity? I have a data: wavelength and intensity and I would like to plot intensity with respect to radial velocity - similarly as in the ...
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