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Questions tagged [red-supergiant]

Questions regarding very large, cool evolved stars with high luminosity, size, and mass loss.

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How big could a regular star in supergiant/hypergiant phase theoretically get, not counting quasi-stars?

For clarity, I'm not asking about the super-behemoths that are quasi-stars. I'm interested in knowing how large a regular star could theoretically get once it reached supergiant/hypergiant phase, ...
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Red supergiants with luminosities significantly above the Humphreys-Davidson limit?

The M33 red supergiants (RSDs) LGGS J013312.26+310053.3 and LGGS J013339.28+303118.8 both have luminosities significantly above the Humphreys-Davidson (HD) limit (logL 5.76 and 5.68 [source], ...
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