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Questions regarding an object orbiting around another object due to the force of gravity.

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Do differentials in the Earth's density cause the flyby anomaly?

The flyby anomaly is an occasional, unpredictable, and as yet unexplained discrepancy in acceleration of satellites when they pass close by the Earth. It causes an increase of up to 13 mm/s during ...
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Tools and algorithms for angles-only orbit estimation

I've seen discussion threads where amateur astronomers estimate a satellite's orbital parameters from angles-only telescope observation. Are there any community tools or algorithms to help with this ...
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I am using the SGP4 python package to get the coordinates of satellites at a given epoch. The algorithm computes the positions (X, Y, Z) in the True Equator Mean Equinox coordinate frame (TEME). From ...
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Different approaches to quantify light pollution on a given location on Earth?

The question Light Pollution: what is the difference between artificial brightness and brightness and SQM made me wonder which different ways exist to directly and indirectly quantify light pollution ...
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Do planetary magnetic fields slow the movement of conductive extraplanetary moving objects via induction?

A fixed magnetic field will induce an electrical current in a conductive object moving through the field. The strength of the eddy currents will depend on the shape and composition of the conductor ...
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What effects you have to have in mind during LEO satellites observations?

I am attempting to calibrate my setup for conducting survey-like satellite observations similar. The idea is that I have a wide-field camera that takes images at 5FPS. The camera is equipped with a ...
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Converting a Satellite's position in Lat/Lon/Alt/Time to RA/Dec

I'm trying to convert a satellite's position given in latitude/longitude decimal degrees, altitude in meters, and time in milliseconds since epoch to right ascension and the declination. I have found ...
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Calculate Global (ECEF) coordinates of Observer

I have the local coordinates of satellite and global coordinates of satellites. I want to calculate the observer position in global (ECEF) system. How can I do this? I also explain this question with ...
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