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Questions tagged [sidereal-period]

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Why I get slightly (but not acceptable) difference for my Local Sidereal time?

I am trying to convert my UTC into LST by using formula for my astrophysics simulation. The problem is that I get something like difference of 1~2 min when I use known formula and python library ...
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Are two definitions of a tropical year inequivalent?

Tropical, or solar year, which is 365.24219 days (a day being 86400 seconds) is defined in two ways (implying that they are equivalent): Amount of time from vernal equinox to vernal equinox. Amount ...
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Birthday question

For X, this month in 2024, he has his 46th birthday on Earth, and, in the same day, it is his 191st birthday on Mercury. How often this happens? Reedit: what is the relation between the orbital ...
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