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Is there exchange of energy between the solar wind and Earth's core?

As of May 2024, Earth was just hit by a quite strong solar storm, lighting up the skies with auroras even in areas as far from the polar regions as Ushuaia, Coimbra or Northern California. We often ...
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Is the dark side of the earth protected from the risks of solar flares?

Many speculate about the possibility of another “Carrington event”. Without getting into unrealistic scenarios, I ask myself the following question: would electronic lines and the equipment connected ...
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What would Aurora look like if no magnetic field was present around the Earth?

The greatest part of the Earth is protected from the Solar wind by its magnetic field. This field makes the wind particles (mainly protons and electrons) the beauty of Aurora appear. Suppose the ...
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How energetic was the March 1989 geomagnetic storm?

In the March 1989 geomagnetic storm, how much energy was transferred to Earth's magnetosphere? Most of the articles I find talk about initial solar flare energy, but I have no reason to assume all of ...
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Why do CME's "zig-zag" on their way to Earth?

This answer to When a coronal mass ejection (CME) hits a spacecraft, from which direction will the particles come? states: A single CME will impact a spacecraft from only one direction, but that ...
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Is there a plausible causal mechanism to explain why the Sun would be heating up faster/ sooner than we thought? Question for a novel [closed]

I am writing a novel about what it will be like on earth 500 or so years before the death of our Sun. The Sun is heating up gradually and one day that will negatively affect life on Earth. I know that ...
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Ground Induced Currents on Mars

Since Mars is only weakly magnetized does Mars not suffer from ground induced currents or are they far worse than on Earth?
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What are the Gamma rays and Cosmic rays effects on humans and equipments? [closed]

First of all not to consider me a conspiracy theorist, but isn't landing on the moon a questionable issue? I am really not an expert in astronomy but let's assume that a moon landing has happened. 1- ...
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How can the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) warn of incoming solar storms?

How can the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) warn of incoming solar storms when is is invested with radiation? article Solar Storm Warning Satellite on Last Legs states that: ...
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Is there going to be a really bad Solar Storm in 2014?

Here are some Articles I've found. Is it true? If it is, How big could it be?, what might be possible or will be possible?, what will happen?
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