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Is the sound horizon 500 thousand light years or 500 million light years?

At 06:30 in the nice video Sound Waves from the Beginning of Time about the baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO), the speaker says the sound horizon is about $500$ ...
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How does a comet crumble? Are there models for that?

Edit: Initially, the title was How does the crumbling sound? I am curious how comets degradate or even disintegrate over time, in particular while they are close enough to the Sun to have tails. Is ...
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How loud would a supernova, kilonova, and hypernova be? [closed]

If we could hear the sounds of these explosions directly where it was happening, how loud would each of these events be?
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How loud was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs?

Asteroid impacts on the Earth can be very loud when they break up in the atmosphere, like Chelyabinsk, captured in this video: The Chelyabinsk asteroid break-up was ...
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Convert pulsar data to sound

I have a filterbank data (say name.fil) which I have dedispersed and stored into name.dat file using PRESTO. May I ask for detailed steps and explanation on how to convert that data to sound?
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Basic explanation of baryon acoustic oscillations; what if anything is actually oscillating?

Sci-News' Sloan Digital Sky Survey Collaboration Releases New 3D Map of Universe links to the two videos The eBOSS 3D map of the Universe SDSS releases largest 3D map of the universe ever created ...
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How loud would a black hole be?

If we could hear black holes, how loud would they be? I know that this is basically the same question as the question "How loud would the Sun be?", except this time there is a black hole. But since ...
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How loud would the Sun be?

Sound can't travel through outer space. But if it could, how loud would the Sun be? Would the sound be dangerous to life on Earth, or would we barely hear it from this distance?
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