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Space debris (also known as "orbital debris", "space junk", or "space waste") is the collection of defunct objects in orbit around Earth and includes everything from spent rocket stages, old satellites, fragments from disintegration, erosion, and collisions.

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How are the occurrence and nature of micrometeoroid impacts on JWST optics identified?

There are been recent news about a larger-than-expected micrometeoroid impact on the James Webb Space Telescope's optics. Apparently this was one of several impacts that have already been observed. ...
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Did I see a meteor(oid) or space debris or something else?

About three years ago I think, at night I've seen something enter the atmosphere in a glowing bright fireball. But I think it wasn't the fire from burning up, but because of ionization (what also ...
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How common is it for large objects (few kilometers wide) in a young protoplanetary disk or debris disk to collide with one another?

If enough time has passed for gravitational forces to allow the formation of planetesimals(proto-planets) in orbit around the proto-star, how likely is it that two of them would collide with one ...
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Force exerted by space debris on satellites [closed]

Hypothetically, if space debris were to collide with the currently orbiting satellites, how much force would they exert, and how much damage would they make? Will the satellites be able to withstand ...
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If a solar system were surrounded by a cloud of debris, is it possible for a planet's orbit to intersect it?

I'm doing research for a story that I'm writing and I'd like some physics advice on whether a hypothetical system of celestial bodies is possible. Suppose the following: A system of planets orbiting ...
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Can a liquid be used to de orbit debris?

Can a liquid be used to slow a satellite to loose orbit by adding or taking momentum from a satellite, a type of devise that releases a liquid that expands and solidified adding surface area making ...
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At what size do objects burn up in the atmosphere when falling from orbit?

As the title suggests, I am wondering the maximum size an object can be so that it will completely burn up when entering and falling through Earth's atmosphere. I'm focusing on man made objects, not ...
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If 50 tons or more of debris falls to earth everyday, is Earth getting heavier?

In turn, would that increase our gravitational pull?
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What is the probability of an astronomical body hitting you?

It appears that there is already a calculated ballpark for meteor fatalities, but what about other factors such as space trash, comets, and other miscellaneous items in space? Is it possible to ...
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Telescope buying guide for a beginner in India

I am located in the southern part of India and am looking forward to buy a telescope to gaze up to look ay farther planets, moons in our solar system and take pictures. How should I go about getting a ...
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Which planet or moon has all resources that can be used to sustain life in a controlled biosphere? [closed]

Now that we are making it to Mars, continuing onward, in an effort for humanity to civilize other planets, not just setting up residential colonies, but to mine minerals and carry on geological and ...
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Parking a telescope at a Lagrange point: is this a good idea from a debris point of view?

The James Webb space telescope is supposed to be located at the Earth-Sun L2 Lagrange point. Do we expect the region around that point to have a higher concentration of space debris, asteroids, dust,...
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