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Questions tagged [space-geometry]

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Get the expression of probed volume between 2 redshifts

1) I can't manage to find/justify the relation (1) below, from the common relation (2) of a volume. 2) It seems the variable r is actually the comoving distance and not comoving coordinates (with ...
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What happens at the edge of a finite and "bounded" universe?

So far, we know only about two types of universes: Infinite and finite universes (Unbounded edition). In an infinite universe, there is no edge. Because well, an infinite space doesn't have an edge. ...
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Spacetimes where symmetries vary from place to place?

Are there spacetimes or metrics where symmetries (like Poincaré, Lorentz, diffeomorphism, translational... invariances) are only local and the symmetries of one local neighbourhood are not, a priori, ...
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Determining observer's position based on azimuth and elevation of observed object

It is possible to generate Ephemeris through the web-interface of JPL's Horizon system based on observer's location. Unfortunately I don't know the formula that is used to do that with a high ...
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