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Food in outer space [closed]

Considering that soon (or maybe in the next 100 years or so) people will be going on long voyages in space, is there something to eat in space (as an analogy, consider fish in seas) that they may ...
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What would happen if you jumped out of a moving spacecraft? [closed]

I've watched a film where one of the characters claimed to have rapidly disembarked a moving spacecraft during a 5g burn (?!) and immediately wondered how he survived. For example, you're on a ...
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Orphaned star systems and intergalactic travel (in fictional context)

Context: I'm looking for some authority on a particular idea that I brought up in regards to a new update brought out for a space travel sim game, Elite Dangerous The vessels in that game can travel ...
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How fast does a spacecraft have to be to enter a primordial black hole without being torn apart?

If there really is a primordial black hole beyond the Kuiper belt, we can send a probe to the black hole and into it. But how fast must the probe be in order to enter the black hole without being ...
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Orbitally convenient Mars-to-Earth transit times?

Are there any peculiar solar system layouts that would result in highly efficient transits between Mars-to-Earth? I am aware of a Hohmann transfer orbit, but can other planets be used to "sling-shot" ...
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Farthest Orbit around the Earth? [duplicate]

What is the farthest orbit that can be achieved around the Earth? How fast is that? Not the question below: Feel free to answer in a comment I ask because of this question: https://worldbuilding....
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Explaining gravity assist to a 6-year old

We've been talking about Cassini with my 6-year old daughter recently and I've mentioned that it picked up more speed by passing close to Venus (twice), Earth and Jupiter. But then, I've struggled to ...
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In zero gravity - I'm floating inside a torus as they spin it up, do I float do the "ground"?

Imagine this scenario - I'm in a space station with one of those huge torus shaped constructions, that you spin to simulate gravity through centripetal force. But it's turned off right now, so I'm ...
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Do interstellar rocks pose a threat to interstellar travel? [closed]

In the recently released movie Passengers the ship hits a chunk of rock about the size of a softball that punches through multiple layers of hull and creates a problem. Assuming that a spaceship is ...
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Was NASA's moon mission completely fake? [closed]

I really want to know whether NASA's Moon mission really was a hoax, or if it is a fact. Since there are many points and scenarios which proves it as being filmed in a film studio with controlled ...
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Space Travel and length of time [closed]

So I read that if an astronaut travels at the speed of light and goes to a nearby star system , when he or she returns, he or she will have aged 10 years but 1000 years will have gone by on Earth. ...
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What would the cost be of visiting an asteroid?

I'm trying to think through what the cost would be of an unmanned mission to a nearby asteroid. To me it seems like the high-level costs would be the fixed cost of the "spaceship" itself (including ...
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can we use connect a long pipe with space station and use vacuum for fuel transfer? [closed]

We all know that we need a lot of fuel to escape from earth. Even 90% fuel of an spaceship is wasted in escaping the earth which definitely affect our power to explore the universe. we have to do a ...
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How to get from the earth to another planet/ the moon? What happens on the way? [closed]

I have a problem explaining for my students how to get from the earth to the moon? Is there someone who can give a good explanation? I Think these are words that might be included. Escape velocity, ...
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What would happen if a rocket traveling at speed of light would collide with a planet (like earth)? [closed]

Let's assume it is possible for a spacecraft to travel at the speed of light (I've read the interstellar book by Kip Thorne, apparently this is theoretically possible if you swing around two black ...
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Should a station in orbit around the Sun travel in the same or the opposite direction to the planets?

If we put a station in orbit around the Sun, and wanted to send transports as regularly as possible without the travel costs being prohibiting; should we have it rotate around the Sun clockwise, or ...
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Road map for a faster spaceship [closed]

New Horizons, speediest yet, is currently running at about 15 km/sec relative to the sun. What is the roadmap for future ? How is it possible to reach much faster speeds ?
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Help plotting a trip to the Moon! [closed]

Take me to the moon! I know this is literally rocket science but, I would like any sources or formulas that would help me plot a trip to the Moon. I'm not sending anything, nor do I ever plan to, I ...
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Would a human body float in the dense atmosphere of Venus?

To survive high in the atmosphere of Venus, all you would nead to wear is suit that protects you from the sulfuric acid vapors in the air and a supply of breathable air. Assuming (for simplicity) that ...
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How should one rationally deal with the issue of space travelling alien civilizations?

What kind of reasoning is appropriate to understand the as of today unanswered question of whether there are (other) interstellar space travelling civilizations in the Milky Way? We have already sent ...
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