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Questions tagged [spherical-astronomy]

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Conversion of 1D plot in 3D plot gives different physics

I am to track the path of a particle due to Lorentz force of the planet magnetic field, assuming there is no gravitational force on it. The equation of motion due to Lorentz force in rotating ...
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Transformation matrices and their derivation (if possible) for ICRS frame for reference to other frames

I am finishing up my thesis write up and one of the chapters in my thesis is on astronomical coordinate systems since in my analysis of data I have converted the available astrometry from the ICRS ...
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Correct longitude from longitude over 180°

Last week, one of my exercise tasks was about determining the an observer's position on Earth, when in their zenith is a certain star with known right ascension and declination. We were supposed to ...
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Demonstration- formula for angle between horizon and ecliptic

The most precise and quite intuitive formula I could find online is here: $$\cos I = \cos ϵ \sin ϕ − \sin ϵ \cos ϕ \...
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