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Questions tagged [standard-candle]

Questions about objects that can be used as a physical distance indicator thanks to their known absolute magnitude.

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Does the lower value of the Hubble Constant predicted by the Planck Satellite and now confirmed by Wendy Freedman invalidate the idea of dark energy?

Is the dark energy part of the Lambda-CDM model (the 'lambda') still necessary if the value of the Hubble 'constant' is lower than that predicted by Adam Reiss and collaborators when they examined ...
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White dwarf supernova luminosity

I understand that the mass limit for a white dwarf is 1.4 solar masses, and therefore approaching it would cause a white dwarf (type Ia) supernova, and thus it is a standard candle. I understand this ...
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How many galaxies have had their distance determined using SNIa?

Supernovae of type Ia can be used as standard candles to determine extra-galactic distances. But these event only occur (roughly) once every 200 years in any given galaxy and rapidly fade away. So to ...
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