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Questions regarding lists of star designations.

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What 1° x 1° region is the optically darkest patch in the sky?

What 1° x 1° region of the night sky has the lowest flux of light? (considering the typical visual/luminance filter range, approximations using other filters/bands are acceptable, but should be in the ...
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Deepest known objects in the vicinity of Capella (or, generally, any specified object)

There must be a way to do this, but I don’t know where to start. Given a star (or other object, or a RA and dec), and a radius, what are the (say) 10 known deepest sky objects in this area, ordered ...
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Understanding WISE acronyms

I've enoucntered many acronyms related between them, like AllWISE, WISE, NEOWISE, CatWISE, WISEA, WISEAR, WISEAF, WISEU, WISEP, WISEPA, WISEPC, WISEF, WISEPF, WISER, WISEWF, WISET, WISETF, WISENF... ...
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Cross-matching astronomical catalogs

A project I'm working on involves getting data from SDSS DR12, and cross-matching it with NED, as described in Section 2 of this paper: 2.1 The sample From the SDSS Data Release 12 (DR12, Alam et al. ...
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Gliese Catalog Designation prefixes

In the Gliese catalog there are a bunch of prefixes, such as GJ, GI, Wo, etc. My question is do the numbers overlap ever? I tried to look it up, but nothing I could find was conclusive to me.
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Calculate Luminosity of a star from the Hipparcos catalogue

Is it possible to calculate the star's luminosity based on the data in the Hipparcos catalogue? Currently I'm using this algorithm, I have even fitted the bolometric correction to the Johnson V band (...
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Filtered Gaia DR3 datasets

I'm a programmer who'd like to process some of the smaller Gaia DR3 datasets. I ultimately want to use the Gaia Sky 15M default dataset, but decided to start with a smaller 1.9M dataset as a prototype....
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Simbad, NED databases surface magnitude data?

I can't seem to find data about surface magnitude of galaxies in Simbad. I can easily find the apparent and absolute magnitude ... Should I just try to compute the surface magnitude, given the ...
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Which parameters of stars could show they about to undergo a supernova explosion?

I need to seek stars in our galaxy about to undergo a SN from catalogues. I can find stars in our galaxy by setting parallax to a certain value. However, I don't know how to find a parameter which ...
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Star Catalog with radius, luminosity, and spectra class?

I am looking for a star catalog (hopefully a .csv file) that contains radius, luminosity, and spectra class data for 1000+ stars. I have checked catalogs like the HIP, HD, and GAIA catalogs. I have ...
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Filtering local region in SIMBAD

I am completely new to astrophysics and currently writing a paper on Cepheid variables for high school physics. I would like to filter out all Cepheid variables in the local system which I would ...
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Duplicate entries in Tycho-2 main and supplement 1

When checking the internal consistency of the Tycho-2 catalogue, I came across 254 entries in the main catalogue file that are also present in supplement 1 (the Hipparcos/Tycho-1 stars not included in ...
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Stellar catalogues stars in specific sky regions – without downloading the catalogs

I’m interested, to give a scientific realism to a project I’m working on, in finding a picture of all stars belonging to a star catalogue such as Tycho 2 or Hipparcos for some very specific sky ...
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What are Stokes parameters for galaxy shapes, how do they compare to Stokes parameters in optics?

I remember Stokes parameters as a way to completely define the polarization state of a well-defined beam of light. However several questions here refer to Stokes parameters used in characterizing the ...
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