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Questions tagged [star-evolution]

Questions regarding the life cycle and stages of nucleosynthesis in a star.

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Planets revolving counter clockwise around the Sun

Planets revolving around the Sun Hypothetical case: What could have been or no impact if the planets viz Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune in different orbits ...
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Can a star undergo helium fusion after depleting all its hydrogen?

For stars around the mass of the sun, helium fusion occurs concurrently with late hydrogen shell burning. For stars smaller than the sun, is their a subset that first burn all their hydrogen store ...
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Will interstellar medium slow down the rotation of stars?

This is a side question from my previous one, will interstellar medium slow down the rotation of stars? Will it be significant enough to be considered as a factor? What are the other factors that slow ...
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Why red giants have cooler surface than MS stars?

I know that with increasing age and depletion of hydrogen in the core the radiation inside a main sequence (MS) star increases pushing the envelope/surface of the star outwards. What I don't ...
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Hydrogen burning vs Hydrogen fusing

Does the term "Hydrogen burning" mean the same as "Hydrogen fusing" in astronomy? If not, then what is the product of "Hydrogen burning"? Assume the product of "...
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Are planet-destroying quakes possible or observable?

The Gutenberg-Richter-Law is a very-well studied relationship between the magnitude and total number of (earth)quakes. In theory, there is no upper bound for the size of a quake other than the size of ...
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