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2 answers

Radius to which all hydrogen-burning stars are known?

For the purposes of this question, I wish to consider active, hydrogen-burning stars, not deuterium-burning brown dwarfs, or stellar remnants like black holes or neutron stars. (Though including ...
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How well have we mapped our local neighborhood of stars?

Do we have a reasonable idea of how well we've mapped our local neighborhood of stars? That is, about what fraction we know about vs. what fraction are unseen (too dim, too much dust, not enough ...
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What is the overlap between the Gaia and the Hipparcos catalog?

Is there any kind of concordance available between the sources in the Hipparcos catalog and the Gaia DR2 catalog? I.e., mapping the Gaia DR2 source_id to the Hipparcos HIP number?
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Binocular-friendly star map to find the Recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi?

I'd like to find or generate a map that will be useful for someone with an 8° FOV pair of binoculars to locate the Recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi. As linked in The Observatory Science alert's Epic Nova ...
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How can I calculate the apparent position of stars as seen from a location on Earth at a specific time?

I'd like to be able to generate star maps using Python, similar to what is done at YourSky. I believe this is possible with Astropy and the details provided in this question. I can import stars from ...
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I am looking for the SKYMAP Api (To create nightsky/star maps)

The ones used by and I have found several but I am having difficulty finding a working updated version, has anyone come across this API, or know where I can find ...
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0 answers

Calculating the range of visible Right Ascension and Declination from specific location + time

Given a specific date and time, and coordination of a location on earth, how can I calculate (myself, or using a python package) range of visible RA and Dec? For example (but I'm looking for a ...
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Star visibility above horizon map likewise day & light map or moonlight world map

I am looking for an option to present the given star visibility world map likewise day & night map or moonlight world map like below: Question: Is it possible to generate a map like this for some ...
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What are the various ways we can quickly generate custom star charts to find moving asteroids or comets in binoculars and telescopes?

Where can I find the positions of the planets, stars, moons, artificial satellites, etc. and visualize them? is an amazing resource and @user21 has set it up with a community wiki answer for all of us ...
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