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Do brown dwarfs have starspots?

Do lithium-burning brown dwarfs (65+ Jupiter masses) have starspots too or do they occur only on hydrogen-burning stars?
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How would one estimate the rotation period of a star from its spectrum?

The figure is shown; the measurements were taken on two consecutive observing nights. The Ordinate is the flux normalized to continuum and the abscissa is the wavelength scale. You can see the "...
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Can New Horizons be used to measure the distance to Betelgeuse (despite its fickle photocenter)?

The New Horizons spacecraft is almost 50 AU from Earth and near-simultaneous images taken by its telescope and one on Earth have demonstrated parallax without relying on the movement of Earth in it's ...
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Can we see evidence of sunspots on other stars? (starspots)

Searching for exoplanets by measuring the change of a stars brightness when an exoplanet transits the star's disk also has the potential to detect exo-sunspots (starspots). Have they ever been ...
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Activity of M dwarf stars

Why are M dwarf stars the most active (in terms of starspots and faculae) of all stars?
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Why can't the surfaces of stars be observed?

If I'm correctly informed, only three stars: Sol, Betelgeuse and Altair have surfaces which have been resolved by telescopes. All other stars are only point sources of light, even in the greatest of ...
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