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Would Martian sunrise/sunset look the same at the Thaumasia Plateau as the rovers' photographs?

If observing the sunrise or sunset, with the naked eye, from the Thaumasia Plateau (app. 260°, -10°), 6 kilometers above Mars elevation zero, would it have the same blue hue as the images of the ...
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Display the lines of solar altitude on the map

Following this question: Calculate lines of equal solar altitude I would like to have the possibility of displaying the lines of equal solar altitude on the map as per the image below: including also ...
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Daytime length and sunrise / set cardinal directions

Let me illustrate the question with an example. On Feb 2nd 2022, the sun rises in Los Angeles at cardinal direction 110 and sets in direction 250 (according to timedate website). This means that the ...
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What is the formula to input date, time and longitude. Where I can get latitude of the civil twilight back?

I am making a watch app, where I need to know where there is currently sun, and where it's not. I need to have some sort of formula/function to insert: date, time and longitude, and get back the ...
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