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Questions tagged [sunspots]

Questions regarding the darker areas on the solar disk formed by emerging magnetic fields.

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27 votes
2 answers

Why do sunspots appear dark?

Sunspots, such as this one, appear dark: Why?
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Wilson effect: How "deep" are sunspots?

I recently learned about the Wilson effect of the Sun's atmosphere. The 2009 Saas Fee Advanced Course 39 states: Near the solar limb, the umbra [the circular dark region of a sunspot] and the centre-...
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How are the solar flares from May 23, 2021 extraordinary?

The Space Weather News for May 23, 2021 reads (with some highlighting by me) Yesterday, the sun produced a sequence of solar flares unlike anything we've seen in years movie. Earth-orbiting ...
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Can we see evidence of sunspots on other stars? (starspots)

Searching for exoplanets by measuring the change of a stars brightness when an exoplanet transits the star's disk also has the potential to detect exo-sunspots (starspots). Have they ever been ...
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Is there a database of past sunspots?

I would like to plot a butterfly diagram. I've been looking through the SOHO archive for a table that would indicate the date and position of each sunspot, but to no avail. The closest I got was to ...
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What are Ellerman bombs and how can we identify them?

Have you ever heard about Ellerman bombs? talks about them on their news page. You could see some of them around sunspot AR2835: Ellerman bombs are magnetic explosions about one-...
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Are sunspots named or individually tracked?

This is a follow-up question to How are the solar flares from May 23, 2021 extraordinary? which is about news of In the present question, I am curious solely about sun-spots and why ...
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