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Why is synchrotron radiation from relativistic electrons low in energy?

Why do populations of relativistic (high energy) electrons emitting synchrotron radiation emit at mostly radio wavelengths? The fact that they are high energy makes me think they would emit high ...
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What does "synchrotron emission from relativistic electrons in equipartition with a ∼1.5 mG magnetic field" mean?

I've heard of the equipartition theorem in the context of thermodynamics. But I don't understand how either "synchrotron emission" or "relativistic electrons" can be in "...
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Clarification of radio spectrum terminology

For a radio spectrum, when is it called thermal emission, synchrotron emission, self-absorbed synchrotron emission and inverted spectrum? They are all power-law and their difference is power-law index?...
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3C273 jet mass estimate

In this picture of 3C273, we can see a jet—estimated to be around 200,000 light-years long—being emitted. I'm trying to find an estimate for the mass of the jet. It's a stream of ...
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What is "emission measure"?

Many papers mention emission measure, and some of them give the expression of EM, BUT there is no clear definition of EM. My question is what EM is on earth? Its unit is supposed to be cm-3. How to ...
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