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What element drives pulsations in T Tauri Stars?

What element drives pulsations on T Tauri stars? I understand that T Tauri stars are variable and pulsate, and I also know that other stars pulsate as well. My thinking is that a T Tauri star would ...
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Are all T Tauris on the Hayashi track?

Reading the definitions of T Tauri stars and the Hayashi track one can gather that: T Tauri stars are pre-main-sequence stars in the process of contracting to the main sequence along the Hayashi ...
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History, significance and "drama" (if any) of T-Tauri stars, especially the early bits?

In this answer to Can I write a systematic review as an undergraduate and get it published in a journal? in Academia SE I recounted my memory of an experience from circa 1980: I had an initially ...
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Why would radio astronomers choose ¹³CO and C¹⁸O spectral lines instead of the most isotopically common combination?

Wikipedia's T Tauri explains that this system is an atypical example of T Tauri stars. It says: As typical for the young stars, all three stars of T Tauri system are surrounded by a compact disks ...
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Why is T Tauri So Dim?

I'm looking at stellar objects and doing some math here and... Now, I can't find these values directly listed, but from it's relative magnitude and distance, (10.27, 471ly,) I calculate T Tauri to ...
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Source of T Tauri wind?

What particularly causes the T Tauri star to eject the strong bipolar wind which clears the gases around the star?
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Timescale of ignition of a protostar?

What is the timescale of start of nuclear fusion as T Tauri type star transforms into a Main Sequence star? Wikipedia article on T Tauri type stars mentions: Their central temperatures are too low ...
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