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Early Planetary object based on the Giant Impact Hypothesis which collided with early earth about 4 Billion years ago.

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Why did Theia create only one moon if it struck Earth?

If I dropped a heavy ball into some magma it would splash all over the place. So why would Theia create only one large drop of liquid (the moon) and if it impacted the Earths mantle (Bits of Theia ...
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Was Theia not a Kuiper Belt Object?

Was Theia not a Kuiper Belt Object? I assume most water is lost during formation of terrestrial planets in the habitable zone, and is subsequently replenished with comets or (if you're lucky) KBO/ice ...
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If Theia did collide with Earth, would it have produced rings? If so, would we expect to still see at least some remnants today?

Before I get into the actual question, I'll just specify two things: Few billion years ago, a planet as big as Mars named Theia, is hypothesized to have crashed into the Earth, leading to the ...
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How was Theia discovered?

The Moon might have been created by the impact between the Earth and a Mars-sized body named Theia. Theia no longer exists, so when and how was it discovered? What clues led to the Theia hypothesis? ...
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If Theia really crashed into Earth, did it impact Earth's axial tilt?

The great-impact theory is widely accepted for the formation of moon. If Theia (often described as a Mars-sized rock) really crashed into Earth, did that make an impact on Earth's axial tilt?
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Speculative Question Concerning the Planet Theia [closed]

I am a writer and I'm building a paradigm wherein the planet Theia did not strike the Earth, but settled into a orbit around the sun a third of the distance between the Earth and Mars. I wanted to ask ...
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What is Earth believed to have looked like before the collision with Theia?

Let's assume the moon was formed because Earth collided into Theia. (There are numerous other theories, but this one is the most widely accepted.) In that case, are there theories that address what ...
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What was Earth's mass before the collision with Theia?

Assume the "Big Splash" or "Giant Impact" (whichever name you prefer) theory is more or less correct. EDIT: With so many variations of this theory, with so many names and ...
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Does the Giant Impact Hypothesis explain how the Moon circularized its orbit?

I just read most of Wikipedia's article on the Giant Impact Hypothesis. Basically a large object impacts Earth and creates debris that soon coalesces into the Moon. But there is something I did not ...
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How did pre-Earth's mass and orbit change at the Moon formation event?

The popular, but still disputable, Moon formation theory is that a pre-Earth was hit by a Mars sized planet. The mass ratio of Earth:Mars:Moon is roughly 100:10:1. Does this mean that pre-Earth was ...
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How did the moon's orbit become eccentric?

The Moon's orbit is more eccentric, 0.0549, than most planets. I can understand that planets get eccentric by disturbing each other like under the late heavy bombardment. And likewise for multiple ...
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