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Questions about the conjectureed hybrid star, consisting of a red (super)giant with a neutron star at its core.

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"Holy grail" future observation to confirm presence of neutron stars in the centers of massive, otherwise conventional stars? (Thorne–Żytkow objects)

Wikipedia's Thorne–Żytkow object begins: A Thorne–Żytkow object (TŻO or TZO), also known as a hybrid star, is a conjectured type of star wherein a red giant or red supergiant contains a neutron star ...
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Are there any known neutron star - supergiant binaries?

After looking for more information about TZOs (Thorne-Zytkow Object), I came up with a question that I had trouble finding answers on the Internet. Do we know of any future TZOs, supergiants being ...
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Can a Thorne-Żytkow object be the progenitor of a modern quasi-star?

I was reading some Wikipedia articles about astronomy, and came across an interesting line: The neutron star may also accrete sufficient material to collapse into a black hole. Now, here is my ...
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What are Thorne-Żytkow objects?

Last night I was randomly surfing astronomy pages and came across this.I searched up Wikipedia and other sites,but it doesn't exactly give me enough information about their characteristics.
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If a white dwarf collides with a giant star, could it create a TZO?

Thorne–Żytkow objects (TZOs) form from collisions between neutron stars and main sequence or giant stars. Ultimately, the neutron star becomes the "core" of the giant star. However, could this also ...
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