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Questions tagged [tidal-forces]

Questions about the apparent force stretching a body towards and away from the center of mass of another body due to the variance in acceleration due to gravity

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Why Tidal Tails in Disk Galaxies, but not in Ellipticals?

Why do tidal tails result from only disk galaxies but not ellipticals. I understand that tidal tails are results of gravitational interactions not strong enough to completely plunge out the material ...
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Is the high-low tide difference greater, on average, at new moon, full moon, or neither?

The difference between high tide and low tide peaks when the moon is full and also when the moon is new. At both of these points in the lunar cycle, the tides are known as "spring" tides. On ...
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What is the best estimate for the radius of Shoemaker-Levy 9?

I have been digging through various scientific articles on modelling the breakup of SL9 to attempt to ascertain its intial size, yet the various estimates vary tremendously. A radius of 700 m - 1000 m ...
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Why do tides reach a peak two days after the solar eclipse?

On June 21st we, in India, experienced a total solar eclipse. Based on my basic understanding of why tides occur, the tidal forces by moon and sun add up and the tides will be maximum on the day of ...
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Understanding various conditions where a star and a black hole meet and there is no tidal disruption; what all can we infer from this diagram?

Can an entire star pass through the event horizon of a black hole unharmed? is a one sentence HNQ with an amazing (to me at least) answer: for supermassive black holes larger than roughly 100 million ...
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How to explain tidal tails and dark matter sub-halos in simple terms?

There is the exciting news by ESA entitled Is the nearest star cluster to the Sun being destroyed? Data from ESA’s Gaia star mapping satellite have revealed tantalising evidence that the nearest ...
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Derivation of a formula for the mass of a tidal bulge and tidal torque

I've been looking into the tidal mechanism for a binary star system and seem to have hit a brick wall. In the literature (see below), little explanation is given to justify the equations (9.60), (9.61)...
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The possibility of rapidly changing the Earths orbit via a passing astronomical object

I assume that the Earth could be “gently” (without colossal tidal or volcanic catastrophe) displaced by a passing extra solar star, brown dwarf or planet and end up perhaps 10% further away from the ...
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