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What are the technological advancements that made it possible for modern large telescopes to work with alt-az mounts instead of equatorial mounts?

The video Earth's Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way Galaxy - 4K (linked below) and discussion below this answer to Why does a timelapse video of a stationary Milky Way make the ...
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Tracking the Sun from Sunrise in the East to Sunset in the West

Is there a Correct way to mathematically allocate GPS/location of Azimuth Degrees ? EG: In the Southern Hemisphere, if North is 0 degrees, for say Sydney is direct East 90 or -90 degrees ? Then what ...
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How to design a static heliostat?

An heliostat is a device capable of reflecting the sun in a fixed point while the sun itself moves into the sky, thanks to a moving mirror. But this company astonished me with its invention: a static ...
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