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How can non-earth-orbiting satellite coordinates be obtained by amateurs?

Just a few hours ago the moon-bound spacecraft Chandrayaan-3 was launched. While it will orbit Earth for a few days, it is accelerating/changing its orbit often to prepare for the transfer to a lunar ...
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Single axis solar tracker tilt angle calculation

I'm working on single axis solar tracker project. Solar panels will towards the sun with maximum angle from sunrise to sunset. the panel direction is east-west or near east-west. I need to make angle ...
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What are the technological advancements that made it possible for modern large telescopes to work with alt-az mounts instead of equatorial mounts?

The video Earth's Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way Galaxy - 4K (linked below) and discussion below this answer to Why does a timelapse video of a stationary Milky Way make the ...
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Tracking the Sun from Sunrise in the East to Sunset in the West

Is there a Correct way to mathematically allocate GPS/location of Azimuth Degrees ? EG: In the Southern Hemisphere, if North is 0 degrees, for say Sydney is direct East 90 or -90 degrees ? Then what ...
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How to design a static heliostat?

An heliostat is a device capable of reflecting the sun in a fixed point while the sun itself moves into the sky, thanks to a moving mirror. But this company astonished me with its invention: a static ...
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