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Questions tagged [turbulence]

Questions about flow regime in astrophysical gas characterized by chaotic properties.

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Sources of Turbulence in the ISM

What sources of turbulence exist within the Interstellar medium (ISM)? Which ones are physically the most important for newly forming stellar systems?
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Is atmospheric turbulence irrelevant for ExoPlanetary transits and radial velocity measurments?

Atmospheric turbulence is known to scatter photons in a quasi-random way along their path throughout the atmosphere, resulting in lower imaging resolution than would have been anticipated by ...
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Why does the seeing disk increase with a 3/5 exponent to air mass?

The textbook I am working through, Observational Astronomy by Birney et al, cites the following relationship between the seeing disk and the air mass one is looking through: $$s=s_0X^\frac{3}{5}$$ ($s$...
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Do whirlpools of turbulence exist in stars just like the whirlpools that exist in water?

Is there turbulence in the hot plasma and gas of stars that is mathematically the same as whirlpools in water?
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