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Questions tagged [units]

Use for questions about standards of measurement used for different types of quantities, and for conversions between units.

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Converting Jy/beam to Jy?

Maybe its a dumb question, but to convert Jy/beam to Jy, I just have to multiply it by the beam size in sr right? Being $\Omega$ the beam size: $\Omega = \frac{\pi \theta_{maj} ~~ \theta_{min}}{4 \...
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12 answers

Why don't astronomers use meters to measure astronomical distances?

In astronomy distances are generally expressed in non-metric units like: light-years, astronomical units (AU), parsecs, etc. Why don't they use meters (or multiples thereof) to measure distances, as ...
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Converting from $\mathrm{W \: m^{-2}}$ to $\mathrm{Jy \: km \: s^{-1}}$

Suppose I observe a spectral line with rest frequency $\nu_0$ and integrated flux density $F = 10^{-26} \mathrm{W/m^2}$. Is the following line of reasoning correct? $1 \: \mathrm{Jy} = 10^{-26} \: \...
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Converting ångström spectral dimension to galaxy speed (km/s)

I have a spectral cube (in FITS format) whose spectral dimension is in ångströms. The sampling along the spectral dimension is 0.28A (CDELT=0.28). The observation in the cube is Ha emission of a ...
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Units of integrated flux density (irradiance) along longitudes

If I've taken an image of the Galactic bulge with the pixel units in MJ per steradian: and I've looked down each column of the image and added up the values: then do the units change? My thinking is ...
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Correct units to use while plotting mollweide projection of sky chart with RA and Dec values, matplotlib

I am trying to plot a mollweide projection of a sky chart in Python using the matplotlib package. I am using the RA and Dec values from a database containing all stars in Hipparcos, Yale Bright Star, ...
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