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Questions regarding Universe Sandbox, software that simulates astrodynamics.

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Is Universe Sandbox 2 realistic?

Universe Sandbox 2 is the second installment of Universe Sandbox that is available on Steam. It is an educational simulation game based on astronomy and anything space, it ranges from supernova ...
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Is a General Relativity approximation available in Universe Sandbox (1 or 2)?

This answer points out that including General Relativity in a simulation can be computationally intensive and may not be present in Universe Sandbox. However, answers to How to calculate the planets ...
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Why doesn't smashing larger and larger bodies incrementally into a rocky planet create a star?

Let's start with a stationary Earth. If we smash a few Mercury-sized objects into the Earth, the Earth begins to accrete mass. Repeat this step with larger and larger objects, until we start impacting ...
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Are there some (simple) mathematical models which can simulate the cellular/web structure of the universe?

To visualize the structure of a solar system we have some simple mathematical model: Planets orbiting around a Star in circular motion. If we want to be more precise the circle becomes a ellipse, the ...
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At high temperatures, do planets glow like blackbodies?

I've been messing around in Universe Sandbox for a while and noticed that as a planet heats up, it glows like a blackbody starting at ~4000 K. Is the simulation here accurate, or do very hot planets ...
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Universe Sandbox 2 accurate representation of gravity

I've been playing Universe Sandbox for a while now and I have never been able to make a near Earth asteroid collide with it. By "make" I mean, simulating billions of years of known, near Earth objects ...
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