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Questions tagged [water]

Questions about the water molecule (composed of two atoms of hydrodgen and one atom of oxygen) and its detection in celestial objects.

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Water vapour in space

This question is inspired by, but different from, What happens if an ice cube is left in space? Mark's accepted answer says "…if you stick your ice cube out in the Oort Cloud, it'll grow: the mean ...
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How much more mass would Mars need to currently have enough pressure for liquid water and oxygen?

My question is whether Mars just about failed to meet the threshold or missed it by a lot. It's been dry for 3 billion years. How much bigger would it have needed to be to buy it that extra time? Let'...
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What happens to Europa's (or another ice moon's) water if we drilled a hole through the ice crust down to the ocean?

Suppose we drilled a 1 ft (30 cm) diameter hole through Europa's ice crust. As Europa doesn't have an atmosphere, the water would obviously either sublime (turn to vapor) or instantly freeze once a ...
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How did Arecibo make radar images of ice on Mercury's poles?

update: I still haven't been able to get my hands on the Icarus paper linked below (I'll try other libraries) but these are newer and quite interesting!: Constraining the thickness of polar ice ...
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Could rogue planets with cold nucleus have winds or water currents/waves due to the planet's rotation?

Are there any types of wind or waves caused and produced only and exclusively by a planet's rotation? Not influenced by the planet's rotation, but produced solely by it? In the case of waves, are ...
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