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Reverse polynomial model for reverse astrometry

I have a polynomial model that can transform pixel X,Y coordinates to standard $\xi, \eta$. This model looks like this: $\xi/\eta = a_1 + a_2x + a_3y + a_4x^2 + a_5xy + a_6y^2 + a_7x^3 + a_8x^2y+a_9xy^...
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How to slice WCS in a FITS file?

I have three WCS axes in a FITS image. I want to slice the axes and use only the first one. Note that though there are three axes, the WCS is superimposable. So there is no worry about a shift in WCS ...
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TESS sector of observations in RA/DEC vs lat/long

I'm trying to figure out WCS & just generic astronomical coordinates system, in order to better understand/use TESS data. I've been reading the mit docs, but I can't understand the reasons for ...
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superimpose borders of several FITS on the sky map

I have several FITS files with correct WCS info (as far as I know) and want to project them or preferably their borders only in the same sky projection, so it will be easy to understand an actual ...
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Setting specific CENTER coordinates coordinate in SWARP

The SWARP Documentation specifies that we first set the CENTER_TYPE to MANUAL and then in the CENTER parameter we specify either one of the equatorial coordinates (RA, Dec). This is specified in the ...
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How can I crop a fits file and get correct WCS header info without a new plate solve and WITHOUT USING PYTHON?

While my question is similar to this one, the suggestions offered there won't work for my specific situation. For over a month I've been trying to find software capable of this but it's been an ...
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