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What is the force responsible for the output of whiteholes?

When we think of black holes and big celestial objects we think of objects being pulled towards them with a strong force. And that force turns out to be the gravitational force but then for the theory ...
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What if wormholes were created when a black hole and white hole collide? [closed]

Scientists have discovered black holes, white holes and wormholes but I am still unsure how they came to life. Did the black holes collide with the white hole causing a mixture of both or is there ...
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Can Quantum tunneling be possible within Blackhole ? And if so, could that be the source of Dark Energy?

Quantum tunneling starts happening when there are empty energy states available for the electrons to occupy and the energy barrier is of the order of the wavefunction of the electrons. Could there be ...
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Can blackholes appear white and black? [closed]

Depending on the angle you view a black hole could it appear white, black or grey? Excluding how the gravitational lensing would make all the light emitted either red or blue shifted creating a ...
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Is it fruitful to search for a correlation between rates of in-falling matter in black holes and the expansion rate of our universe? [duplicate]

To my understanding, white holes are hypothetical objects that are time-reversed black holes; black holes gravitationally "suck in" matter whereas white holes "spit" matter back out. As such, I think ...
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Does a White hole lies behind a Black hole?

While reading about a White holes, I stumbled upon a question "Where does the matter emitted by a White hole come from?" There seems to be 2 possible candidates: It was the matter engulfed by a ...
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Is there anything like a supermassive white hole? How are they formed? And where are they present?

The idea of a 'super massive white hole' is sometimes discussed regarding GR,SR and the destination of material 'lost' in a black hole. Is there any good theoretical or observational evidence for ...
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What would happen if a Black Hole and White Hole Collided?

Given our understanding of both black holes and white holes, what would be the outcome if they were both to suddenly collide? Black Holes: A black hole is a region of spacetime from which gravity ...
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Is the white hole a myth or not?

I've been doing some research on white holes, and there has not been enough information to provide the answer. Some websites are saying that they might exist, but it is not yet proven. So, is it true ...
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What is a wormhole?

I have learned that there are white holes and black holes in the universe, but I am confused as to what a wormhole is. Is it a tunnel that connects black and white holes?
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What is a White Hole?

White holes are purely hypothetical at this point and are considered only because it is assumed something like it could exist as the balance to black-holes. Reading this article seems mostly writers ...
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